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At Agora Perks believe its tough enough to run a Small Business today without big advertising companies taking up to 60% commission for selling a coupon that you have to honor to your customer.  We don’t think that’s good business.

We are an digital advertising platform and we offer:

Reward Programs

Gift Certificates & 

Discount Coupon Deals

without the big guy fees and contracts.  

We offer the same digital advertising programs as the other guys without the commissions and complicated contracts.  We charge 0% (zero) commissions on your sales, just one low flat rate for the duration of your ad NOT how many users. Click on the names above to learn more.

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The Top Most Common Questions Asked.

#1: How do we promote Deals?
#2: Pricing
#3: How to Create a Promotion
#4: Guarantee & Promises
#5: Why is important to you?
#6: How Does it Work ?
#1: How do we promote Deals?

Deals are Promoted in 17 different ways, all year long to reach thousands of potential consumers in the South Florida area.  Using both real-world physical materials and virtual world promotional Ads on Instagram and Facebook as examples.

To view all 17 marketing strategies – Click here to visit our “Best Practices Page” 

These are just a few:

This window decal is displayed publically and identifies a business as one that appreciates local business consumers.  Make sure yours is displayed prominently. 

To view active local deals on our main site, click the Find Local Deal Window cling above.

#2: Pricing

We charge one rate for the duration of your promotion, NOT per coupon user or coupon sold.  In fact, we do not sell coupons at all. Doesn’t matter if you have 50 or 5,000 coupon users you pay only one small rate.  

We basically charge $99 per month, with discounts available for 6 months and 12 months payment plans.  

Currently, we are offering a Special Introductory Promotion in effect through April 2019, known as the Agora 500 with up to 67% discount off our regular pricing.  Click below to learn more.

Our Normal Regular Pricing:  (click to enlarge)

Coupon Art Design and Copy Service.  

You can create your own art copy and save the art & design fee.  If you wish we can create it for you.  An additional $48 One-time per coupon fee applies.

#3: How to Create a Promotion

Here are Two Methods to Create Coupons or Loyalty Programs.

Method 1: Do it Yourself:

You will need:

  1. A logo of your business 250 x 250 pixels &
  2. A nice picture 750 x 478 pixels – please, NO text in the picture and high quality.

A. First, Register! all Users must register if they want to use the services.  It is the only way we can track reward points for you.
B. As BUSINESS OWNER just click the box that says: “Are you a business owner?”

C. Once registered, you can Login with the username and password you created.
D. Create your Business Profile by selecting “My Stores” to add your business info.
E. Upload your store LOGO (250 X 250 pixels) and…
F. Add your location, email, website, phone, social media links and website.

G. Select the type of coupon you want!  (See Types of Coupons)
H. Upload & Select the picture you want to display (750 x 478 pixels)
I. Complete your coupon description, including terms & limitations clearly.
J. Review your coupon and select payment method.  That’s it!

Method 2: We do it for you:


  1. Complete the Coupon Order Form and submit.
  2. We bill you a one-time fee of $48 and publish it for you.

Let our professional team of experts do it for you.

#4: Guarantee & Promises

Our Guarantees and Promises

  • We guarantee we will never charge you more than $99 a month per for any promotion in our portfolio. 

Whether your coupon, coupon promotion or reward program has 50 or 1,000 users we will never charge you more than $99 a month per coupon.

  • We guarantee we will never sell coupons.

Consumers are not fools.  They are quick to spot a deal and understand when a price is just inflated to then offer a huge discount to sell a coupon.  This practice has gotten many bad reviews lately.  Agora Perks will never sell coupons or loyalty programs to the customers.  Regarding the sale of gift certificates; the monies collected through the sale of the gift certificates goes directly to the business account via square or stripe (less their processing fee). Agora Perks neither collects nor retains any portion of those funds.

  • We guarantee we will never charge you a commission on sales of your product or service.

It is challenging enough vying for the consumer’s dollars and competing with both online and brick and mortar competitors.  Your coupon offer is to bring your business money.  We will never request, charge or obligate you to share or split commissions with Agora Perks.

  • We will promote your coupon offer on our platform and mobile app continuously.

With several 100 potential consumers per business using our platform, the more businesses we sign up in a community the more the exposure of each coupon offer will grow.  As such we can guarantee your coupon will potentially be seen by thousands of consumers monthly.

#5: Why is important to you?

Why you should care about the Agora Perks Difference?

In a few words “it’s your money“!

The good news; the digital industry has exploded. Everyone carries a smartphone device and with it the ability to attract and retain customers.

The bad news; the digital advertising industry is a multi-billion dollar a year industry and it’s your money!  When the digital deal industry sells your coupon, discount or promotion and then they keep 30% to 60% of the profit, its no wonder.

Agora Perks is a disruptive game changer and we are on your side.  Agora perks offer everything the other guys do but we don’t take commissions or force your pricing to sell coupons.  With Agora Perks:

  2. WE ONLY CHARGE ONE FLAT RATE for the duration of your promotion.
  3. FOR THE CUSTOMER all coupons, mobile APP and membership are FREE.
  4. NO EQUIPMENT TO RENT or purchase and no complicated software to manage.

Agora Perks is committed to the small business owner.

Launched initially in South Florida in December 2018, Agora has very aggressive and disruptive growth plans and strategies to expand across the US within 36 months.

We are growing organically to ensuring our business sponsors have local customers using the offers to drive traffic to and support local business.  For now, we are in South Florida, West Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade.  

#6: How Does it Work ?

Agora Perks creates mutually beneficial relationships between local consumers and local business owners.


First Agora Perks provides the platform (mobile APP & website) that promotes local coupons, deals, reward programs, and gift certificates to local consumers in 17 different ways. 

17 Point Marketing Strategy ensures continuously targeting of local consumers to purchase locally and support local business owners.  

Local consumers download the mobile APP or visit the website and search FREE, for local deals and promotions.   Searching can be done by category, business type or name or using the “nearby” feature allows the consumer to find local deals near their physical proximity or current GPS position.  

 Local Business Owners create local deals and promote their businesses by paying one small flat fee for the duration of the promotion (no commissions).  Advertising to local consumers with attractive deals to generate business using digital.

We offer all the major types of digital types currently in the industry, with no equipment to rent, confusing software to manage or ridiculous commissions of up to 60%.  Click each type of program to learn more.

Managing Reward Programs is easy.  Customer registers for free and simply provide the business with the “email” used to register.  That’s it the system manages the rest.  No equipment to rent or programming to manage.

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If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us with your question submit the form above or call or text us at 786-343-1821.