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Below are the specifications of our Affiliate and Channel Partner Programs for your consideration. Whether you are building an advertising agency or marketing firm the common goal is customer satisfaction, attracting massive traffic to your customer so they can generate sales.  We feel confident we can help you accomplish just that. 

Covid-19 has changed the normal day to day business (to say the least).  Although our normal rate is $99 a months billed every 6 months or with a 20% discount annually. 

BUT, thanks to covid-19 we now have to try and help our local community, so we are temporarily changing our billing model from $1,397 a year to FREE for one year.  Just pay setup fee of $180.

Hence,  all monies paid will be based on 22.5% of the amount collected (billed) unless otherwise agreed as in channel partnership agreements.

(sample:  $180 x 22.5% = $40.50)

Agora Perks Partnership programs consist of two types, the Affiliate Partner and the Channel Partner.  Both allow for a good income stream for you or your agency depending on the amount of involvement you wish to engage in.  Please, review the two options below  and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you for consideration and we look forward to working with you.


Channel Partners are separate business entity that would like to add the Agora Perks Adverting products as an additional service to it’s customers base and create an additional source of revenue for itself. 

Channel Partners will have their own credentials and will be able to create promotional deal under their own LOGO within the Agora Perks platform for their select customers.  In essence have their own channel.

The graph below shows the primary contact entity the business owner deals with (or sees).  Agora Perks team supports you in every level but from the business owners perspective this is whom is responsible for that stage step.

To join either partnership program please complete the form below and submit.  Once approved you will receive access credentials, email account, and training program access.

Affiliate Partners are separate businesses that would like to work and partner up with Agora Perks in a shared collaboration.

Affiliate partner basically “refers” business that they working with or deal with to create a coupon deal on the Agora Perks platform.  A referral fee is earned once the referred business has published and paid their promotional AD.

The graph below shows the primary contact entity the business owner deals with (or sees).  Agora Perks team supports you in every level but from the business owners perspective this is whom is responsible for that stage step.

To join either partnership program please complete the form below and submit.  Once approved you will receive access credentials, email account, and training program access.

Advertising Products you can you offer?

All products and services are available to you to support local small businesses.  They can advertise using any program below.  Click on each to learn how each one works for your customer.

Why join Agora Perks?

We believe it’s tough enough to run a small business without big companies taking up to 60% commission for selling coupons that the small business has already discounted by price typically 50%.  A business might do well with a few sales but 50 or 100 sales and that can cause a financial catastrophic conclusion.  It’s simply not fair!

We are looking for “Channel Partners” that feel the same way and would like to assist us in helping the small business owner increase sales, develop loyal customers and stay in business while potentially making substantial revenue.

We are Agora Perks Think of “Retail Me Not“, “Groupon” and “Five Star” advertising platform rolled into one inexpensive service provider and you begin to get the idea.

If you would like to earn money while helping small business develop loyal customers and increase sales, then you are in the right place.  Complete the form below to join the Agora Perks Partnership program.

All plans on Agora Perks are based on the amount billed the customer that the affiliate or channel partner brings in.

(see note above as this is temporarily suspended as we deal with the global covid-19 pandemic)

Affiliate Referral Fee is 10% of the amount billed.

Channel Partner Structure is different.  Since the Channel Partner maintains the customer’s account exclusively.  We bill the Channel Partner 70% of the “Promotional Pricing” listed above.  The Channel Partner can in turn bill the full amount listed which in fact is a 30% earned commission.

However because the Channel Partner is also providing consultation services and other marketing services.  Many bill much more just adding our service to whatever the agreement is between the business owner and the Channel Partner.

Commission Disclosures:

The commission is paid as collected and funds cleared on the 1st and 15th of each month.

The degree of your involvement and focus determines the amount of commission.  All partners and account managers will be paid on a 1099 basis.  You are responsible for filing and reporting your own taxes.

Is there training?

Yes, of course!  We will set up your account.  Provide you the credentials and train you on how to use your customers’ dashboard master account.  Depending on the level you elect we will also train you on how to make and publish the coupons themselves.

To apply for either channel partner of affiliate partner programs with Agora  Perks please complete and submit the form below.

Which partnership program are you interested in?

Popular question asked of us before…

What is Agora Perks?

Agora Perks is a new Free Digital Coupon Deals Advertising Platform designed for small business owners in South Florida.

Specializing in :



Find new deals every week by visiting


⇓Below are the most commonly asked… General Questions.⇓

The most successful types of coupon to attract customers are the old school discount coupons.  Groupon is one of the most common names in digital coupons, the problem is they take a huge chunk of every sale you make because they "sell" the coupon to the end-user customer.

How do we compare to Groupon and Five Star?



In fact we combine the best two types of digital coupons the "discount coupon" and the "reward program" and combine the two, while charging zero commission.

See how our convertible coupons compare.

Agora Perks has launched in South Florida May 2019 and as we grow and expand will be adding communities along the eastern seaboard.


We grow organically insuring our coupon sponsors have local customer using the offer to drive traffic to support local business.


For now we are in South Florida, West Palm Beach and Miami-Dade.


Yes for the consumer Agora Perks is free to download, use and register.

The business owner is charged one small monthly flat rate to advertise and unlike Groupon we charge zero commissions.

Our Promises and Guarantees:  

  • We guarantee we will never charge you more than $99 a month per coupon. 

Whether your coupon, coupon promotion or reward program has 50 or 1,000 users we will never charge you more than $99 a month per coupon.

  • We guarantee we will never sell coupons.

Consumers are not fools.  They are quick to spot a deal and understand when a price is just inflated to then offer a huge discount to sell a coupon.  This practice has gotten many bad reviews lately.  Agora Perks will never sell coupons or loyalty programs to the customers.  Regarding the sale of gift certificates; the monies collected through the sale of the gift certificates goes directly to the business account via square or stripe (less thier processing fee). Agora Perks neither collects nor retains any portion of those funds.

  • We guarantee we will never charge you a commission on sales of your product or service.

It is challenging enough vying for the consumer’s dollars and competing with both online and brick and mortar competitors.  Your coupon offer is to bring your business money.  We will never request, charge or obligate you to share or split commissions with Agora Perks.

  • We will promote your coupon offer on our platform and mobile app continuously.

With several 100 potential consumers per business using our platform, the more businesses we sign up in a community the more the exposure of each coupon offer will grow.  As such we can guarantee your coupon will potentially be seen by thousands of consumers monthly.


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