Agora Perks Product Partners

Whether you are building an advertising agency or marketing firm we share a common goal; driving customer traffic to our clients. We feel confident we can help you accomplish just that, let’s talk. 


Looking for real valuable content to post for your clients and make more money for you?

What the heck is Agora Perks? 

Agora perks is a digital advertising platform.  something like GROUPON® but where…

Local Consumers can find tons of digital coupon, promotions, Gift Certificates, rewards programs and more.

Small Business Owners can advertise with digital coupons without the commissions or binding contacts,

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Why Consider Product Partnering with Agora Perks? 

Agora Perks offers state of the art:

  • > Digital Coupon Programs
  • > Convertible Coupon Programs
  • > Customer Rewards Programs
  • > Single Page URL landing sites
  • > and more!

Imagine Groupon, Five Star, Etsy and Sales Funnels all in one but without the insane monthly fees or crazy 60% and higher sales commissions. 

If you are a Marketing Agency or Advertiser and would be interested in talking it out and see how we might work with each other, schedule a ZOOM MEETING of your convenience and let’s do this thing.

Proposed compensation schedule? 

Proposed Product Partner Portfolio



Commission Rate

Digital Discount Coupons

1, 3, 6 or 12 Months Packages

25% commissionable rates

Birthday Marketing Program

1, 3 and 6 Months Program

25% commissionable rate

Customer Rewards Programs

1, 3, 6 or 12 Months Packages

(Perk or Stamp Program)

25% commissionable rate

Blue Ribbon Marketing Programs

Full Service Digital Campaigns

25% commissionable rates

Gift Certificate Program

Online Active Gift Certificate Program

  • Setup Only - 30%

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