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After lots of research, interviews and surveys with small business owners and self employed entrepreneurs we have created a platform exclusively for the small business owner.  See the most asked questions to see how we measure up and let us know what you think?

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Our goal at Agora Perks is to...

“Create mutually beneficial relationships, between Small Business Owners and Local Consumers".

Because not all businesses are the same we tailor "how" we promote each business.  Below are a brief description of the general categories of marketing.  Your Ad (deal) may use all (or some) of the items listed, depending on your needs and nature of your business.

We promote in 17 different ways divided into 3 major groups.

Please take a few moments to review them and then follow the 9 Steps to Coupon Deal Success. .

  1. Physical displays to attract passerby commercial traffic.
  2. Virtual advertisement including mobile Push Notifications, SMS texting, Email Marketing, Proximity Marketing to attract online search engines and virtual shoppers.
  3. Social Media both paid and organic engagements to increase awareness drive new customer traffic to you.

9 Chapters of Marketing Strategies to Guarantee your coupons success in driving traffic to  you.

Agora Perks Pricing Simple & Straightforward.

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Regular Price $99 a month per Ad.

  • No Fee per coupon used.
  • In fact - No hidden fees!
  • No long-term contracts – you pay only for the duration of your promotions!
  • No Forced Discounts to sell coupons – You decide what to offer and how long to make the offer for.
  • No Commission split from your sales. 



1. Traditional Discount Coupon

As the word implies this is the older more common coupon. typically used when you want to offer a discount or promote one product or service as a loss leader to bring in traffic to your business.

Traditional Discount Coupons are used usually in the following manners:

  • Product Discount – By showing the coupon or providing a code the store owner offers a discount.  Can be used with or without the need of a code.
  • Sale URL Page – More modern use of this kind of coupon can be to link to a landing page on your website that promotes a Sale of merchandise or services.  For example facebook or Shopify store.
  • Promotional Voucher – Traditional Discount Coupons can be printed or use as a screenshot of a voucher to show you at checkout at time of purchase.
  • Sell Gift Certificates: You can also sell gift certificates right from your website by directing traffic via a hyperlink.  Save on fees and sharing commissions with coupon selling services.
2. Stamp Coupons (Loyalty Program)

This program rewards your customers with a virtual stamp with every visit or purchase of a minimum or specified amount. Once your customer has earned enough stamps they can then redeem the coupon for a reward.

Example: Purchase 6 coffees regular price, the 7th is free!

When creating this coupon you will be asked how many coupons stamps will you need?  This refers to how many stamps must be accumulated to get the FREE one!

  • This is the most popular type of loyalty coupon as it’s easy to create and manage.
  • All users of the APP must be registered and logged in to collect the stamp points.
  • The Business owner gives the “stamp code” to the customer after a purchase is made.
  • The customer records the stamp code in their phone and the system track the points.

As a business owner, you can edit (add or remove) points as necessary to manage your business loyal customers simply by using the customer email name that they used to register in Agora Perks.

3. Perk Rewards (Loyalty Program)

This program award your customer points for their loyalty. Once enough points are accumulated they may be redeemed towards reward prizes.  More points – better the reward.

This is a lot of fun, customers love it. Like going to the arcade and redeeming the tickets the children earn for playing games.  The tickets accumulated are redeemed towards a scale of scale of prizes.  Some prizes cost 1,000 tickets, other 2,000 tickets and so on.

Examples: (You can get as creative as you like)

100 Points = FREE Movie Tickets or $10 Publix Certificate
200 Points = $50 Visa Gift Card or $50 instore credit
300 Points = $100 Publix Gift Card or $100 instore credit



  • Point increments by a set scale you set. (i.e. 10, 100, 1,000 etc.)
  • Each reward given adds points to the customer total.  The total determines what they can redeem.
  • You establish levels of rewards.  The better the reward the higher points needed to redeem.


4. All digital Coupons, Offer or Vouchers

All the vouchers, coupons, reward and gratitude programs come with basic fully functioning features designed to help you drive traffic to your business. 

  • Share Offer: Extremely easy with one button share the coupon with image, descriptions, and link on social media.  Facebook your page or the page of a friend.
  • Share on Social Media Groups
  • Share on Google +, easily
  • Share by Email

SEO Discoverable.  The coupons are SEO linked with the keywords in your description easily found by search engines.  This creates a high volume of exposures.

All Coupons are URL interactive, this means you can easily transfer traffic from the Agora Page to your website or checkout page.

Save the coupon with one click into users virtual wallet.

Easy one click to call or email the business owners place for business.


Contact us or Call (786-343-1821)if you need help.

All deals are free (gift certificates are not included) to the customer.  They all have GPS, proximity features, sharing capabilities, dashboard tracking of views and call to actions.

There are 7 important front (public) features that your coupon has.  Just follow the numbers below.  The most important on is number 5 as you can grow your business exponentially with just this feature alone.

1. Of course is the Deal Offer itself – It should be clear, correct and easy to understand.

2. Description Field.  Make sure your contact information is correct.  This field is SEO sensitive and will get your deal found in search engines if correctly worded.  Also, we strongly recommend an online booking platform.  The best is to have your own on your own website but your can also use booking services like Acuity calendar or similar service.  If you don’t have either and need help – contact us – we can do it for you.

3. Favorite and share features are together.  The Heart is to save a coupon deal or a reward program you are in as a consumer.  In a “convertible coupon” the reward and points required should be easily understood.

4. The heart, this is how your customer can save his or her favorite coupon in the virtual wallet for future quick reference.

5. Sharing feature, you or your customer can share the online coupon by simply clicking the Facebook, Twitter or Email ICON.  No need to copy, paste the entire deal is forwarded.  Many smart business owners give a point when they have verified a customer has shared the deal with their friends and made a positive comment.

6. Rating System.  Today many consumers first look at ratings of a coupon , offer or your business itself.  Have your customer give a positive rating by simply clicking on the star.

7. GPS activation, work on you phone GPS to get detailed instructions how to get to you.

Our Promises and Guarantees:  

  • We guarantee we will never charge you more than $99 a month per coupon. 

Whether your coupon, coupon promotion or reward program has 50 or 1,000 users we will never charge you more than $99 a month per coupon.

  • We guarantee we will never sell coupons.

Consumers are not fools.  They are quick to spot a deal and understand when a price is just inflated to then offer a huge discount to sell a coupon.  This practice has gotten many bad reviews lately.  Agora Perks will never sell coupons or loyalty programs to the customers.  Regarding the sale of gift certificates; the monies collected through the sale of the gift certificates goes directly to the business account via square or stripe (less thier processing fee). Agora Perks neither collects nor retains any portion of those funds.

  • We guarantee we will never charge you a commission on sales of your product or service.

It is challenging enough vying for the consumer’s dollars and competing with both online and brick and mortar competitors.  Your coupon offer is to bring your business money.  We will never request, charge or obligate you to share or split commissions with Agora Perks.

  • We will promote your coupon offer on our platform and mobile app continuously.

With several 100 potential consumers per business using our platform, the more businesses we sign up in a community the more the exposure of each coupon offer will grow.  As such we can guarantee your coupon will potentially be seen by thousands of consumers monthly.

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