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What is Agora Perks?

Agora Perks a group of Small Business Owners

Together, we learn, teach, collaborate and share experiences.  All with the end goal of reaching success in their respective businesses. 

Agora Perks has three (3) major divisions.  The FREE DIGITAL COUPON SITE, The training Site (you're in that one now) an the AGORA PERKS MALL

The Agora Perks Platform offers consumers Free Digital Coupon Deal and  offers the Small Business Owners a Platform designed for them with.


Agora Perks has launched in South Florida May 2019 and as we grow and expand will be adding communities along the eastern seaboard.


We grow organically insuring our coupon sponsors have local customer using the offer to drive traffic to support local business.


For now we are in South Florida, West Palm Beach and Miami-Dade.


Yes, for the consumer all deals and rewards programs are free.  Unlike companies that "sell coupons" and take up to 60% commission for your product or service,  the consumer can get any deal free on 

The business owner is charged a flat rate for the duration of the Ad.  Before the Ad is published.  No commissions to pay.  No hidden fees or binding contracts.

How do we Market & Advertise deals?:  

  • We guarantee we use the latest technology and strategies for maximum efficiency of your dollar.

We use a combination of digital deals, landing pages, pop ups, sign up forms, digital rewards programs and call to action widgets to attract and engage your future consumer to take action and contact you.  The rest is up to you.  We can get them to you on the phone, on the front door or you online checkout.  From there you work you magic.

  • We guarantee we will never sell coupons.

Consumers are not fools.  They are quick to spot a deal and understand when a price is just inflated to then offer a huge discount to sell a coupon.  This practice has gotten many bad reviews lately.  Agora Perks will never sell coupons or loyalty programs to the customers.

Monies collected through the sale of the gift certificates goes directly to your business account via square or stripe (less their processing fee). Agora Perks neither collects nor retains any portion of those funds.

  • We will promote your coupon offer on our platform and various social media channels as well as provide training to you and your staff on how to reach thousands more for FREE.

A portion of your fee goes directly to pay a sponsored ad on Instagram or Facebook.  Your ad will be part of a email coupon alert.  Social media group alerts and shared on various channels as well as print media for display.

Except for the fact we both use digital coupons that is the limit of our similarity.  We don not charge any commission and our coupons are convertible, starting off as a discount and then converting to a rewards program.

The most successful types of coupon to attract customers are the old school discount coupons.  Groupon is one of the most common names in digital coupons, the problem is they take a huge chunk of every sale you make because they "sell" the coupon to the end-user customer.

How do we compare to Groupon and Five Star?

In fact we combine the best two types of digital coupons the "discount coupon" and the "reward program" and combine the two, while charging zero commission.

See how our convertible coupons compare.

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