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Level 1 - Discount Coupons

Free 90 Day Trial Available for a Limited Time Only

The basic discount coupon available with lots of variations, depending on our objective is the most common type of coupon used today to attract new customers.    90% of consumers use discount coupons, providing an incentive to buy.

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Discount Coupon Deals

Traditional Digital coupons are the coupons we all know.  Where a business or manufacturer creates coupons that can be used to attract consumers to visit and purchase at the place of business. 

Digital coupons are just like the paper coupons you can find in the newspaper or print from the Internet, except there’s no clipping or paper involved.

The basic concept is the same, a customer is drown because he (or she) feels there is an advantage to save money and are drawn to your business.

Types of discounts

BOGO’s: Buy one, get one free. This discount may require a buyer to receive two of the same inventory item or similar priced item with qualifying purchase.

Lost Leader:  This is a discount offered (even at a lost) to encourage buyer to see and buy other products and services. (Not bait and switch)

Free Shipping coupon. Discount the price of shipping as an incentive to purchase.

Order-specific Discount:  A discount applied only to a specific product or service.

Price-break discounts:  With lower price points the buyer gets a discount depending on the volume of the purchase.

Seasonal discount: Discount is tied to supply and demand channels.  When in season, pricing is reduced to move volume products.

Trade discount.

 There are 5 ways we help you get customers.

  1. All packages include an ad spend per week on Instagram or Facebook.  This means we will pay for an Ad to target directly your demographic customer by consumer habit and proximity to your business. 
  2. Your deal will be published on the growing Agora Perks sites(s) that get an average of 374 visits a day.
  3. Your deal will be shared and promoted on social media
  4. Your deal goes out on a newsletter to 22,000 subscribers
  5. We provide consumer awareness (print) media to help you and your staff engage customer and help make them aware of your deal. 

Daily cost less than the price of daily coffee.  

Pricing starts at $139 a month, includes a small

Discount available for 4, 6 and 12 month packages

Agora Perks does not charge a commission or use binding contracts.

You pay only for the duration of the Ad and It’s promotion to attract new customers to you.

There are basically 4 types of discount coupons.

Price Discount: (made famous by Groupon).  Offering a discount on price to incentivize a purchase.

BOGO:  Buy one get one offers.

Loss Leader:  Free giveaway to engage a new customer in products or service.

Packaged Deals:  Products or services combined to offer a better 


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Who do we send the DEMO to?

Demo setup is FREE and with no obligation.  To publish your coupon requires HTML and JS digitizion of your coupon this requires a one time setup fee of $69.  You will not be billed, unless you decide to move forward and actually publish your offer to attract new customers.

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