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Welcome Small Business Owner 

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What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

What are we about & how can we help?

Agora Perks is digital advertising and marketing platform designed specifically for the Small Business Owner.  

We believe the Small Business Owner is the backbone of every local community.  We have come together to collaborate, learn, support and help each other business succeed.  Read the whole Agora Perks Story in our Community Blog.

We have 3 major objectives. 

You will find the directory for each below but here is a brief explanation for what each component does.

First is the Agora Perks Coupon Site The main objective of this site is to drive traffic of new customers to your business.  This site currently has 22,000 local south florida subscribers and is active every day with local deals, special offers, rewards programs and Gift Certificates from local Small Business Owners to attract New Customer traffic to their businesses.   Although the coupons there may seem similar to other companies, we are very different in that we do not charge commission or for that matter, sell your coupon to customers.  All our coupons and rewards programs are free for the local consumer.  Registration is free!  Agora Perks charges a very low flat rate to promote your coupon for the duration of your Ad, not how many users use your coupon.   Read the full article “How Agora Perks Brings Your Customers” in our community Blog.

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The next major component is the Agora Perks Mall.  This virtual mall grew as a result of collaboration between varios local small business in response to the covid19 global pandemic.  The main objective of this site is to provide small business owners that may not have a website or virtual address a place to create temporary landing pages for sales funnel customer traffic objectives. 

Other services include design and creation of professional websites, sales funnel marketing plans, content calendar planning, mobile app design and creation and digital marketing plans.

Within the Agora Perks Mall is the Agora Perks Academy.  The Agora Perks Academy is a place of learning.  The main objective is to provide a FREE platform for professionals to present their expertise to the local small business owners.  

In the Agora Perks Academy we have courses varying from understanding digital marketing to creating a content calendar and much more.

Here we as Small Business Owners we come together to collaborate, share knowledge and experiences to help grow our individual businesses.

I want additional information.

We offer free courses.  Currently we are conducting in spanish a 10 week course called “Emprendimiento Empresarial” (Business Entrepreneurship) which will be repeated in English in late November.

We regularly conduct FREE speed networking workshop to help Small Business owners meet and collaborate with an ever growing number of members.  These and other events can be found at Agora Perks News & Events Page.


Increasing Sales Knowledge

The Agora Perks Academy is the teaching branch of Agora Perks.

Here small business owners come together to learn practice and implement strategies to help grow their respective businesses.

Why a training Academy?

We believe the Small Business Owner is the true backbone of any community.  They provide local jobs, products and services and most important the human contact.

Large companies suck up the local economy for profits.  They have huge marketing departments with huge budgets and can develop and implement incredible marketing plans and strategies.

Who looks out for the small business.  So Agora Perks provides training to Small Business owners bring together experience, objective and support for each other through the Agora Perks Academy

Who can take the free course.

The course is open to all Small Business Owners.

There is limit typically of 80 students at a time, hence priority is given to Members and then Small Businesses in the South Florida area.

How to register for Agora Perks Academy Courses.

Visit The Mall News and Happenings Page.

Note courses currently available and click on available link to go to Eventbrite and register.

Link to Course will be received by email once you have registered.



Want to be a Guest lecturer?

Want the opportunity to speak to several dozen local small business owners?

We hold regular ZOOM meeting with our members and guest.

Our meetings, workshops and courses are announced and offered through Eventbrite and listed at the Malls News & Events Page.

Apply to be a featured speaker at one of our events.

For Now ALL Courses Are Free!

Because of covid19 and all that we are going through we feel it's the right time to help as many small business owners as we can.  

Therefore we are waving all our fees on courses and workshops.

Regular pricing is suspended until we have overcome covid19.


Engaging Your Customers

What is Agora Perks?


What is Agora Perks?


What is Agora Perks?


What is Agora Perks?


What is Agora Perks?


What does the Mall cost?

That depends on what you want to use the Mall for?

Virtual Address Landing Page:  $20 a month (6 months or 12 Months plans available.   Apply here!

Using the Mall for a Virtual Presentation Meeting:  Fees varies depending on setup requirements.  Contact us for specific quote.

Attracting Customers

We are a unique digital marketing platform.  With Agora Perks you will find not only find discount coupons, rewards programs, gift certificates and marketing unique landing pages but also full marketing and advertising campaigns.

We work in three basis steps:

Step 1:  We complete a market analysis of your business sales goals, the current market trends and consumer behaviors.  We start with completing this basic market survey.

Step 2: We go to design and create one or two blue ribbon marketing campaigns.  We prepare these in a proposal and send to you for your evaluation.

Step 3:  Assuming you accept one of the two offers, we get to work and report weekly progress on your ad for the duration of your ad.  If you did not accept or wanted some changes, we understand and are committed to working with you, whenever your ready.

The Blue Ribbon is the best o the best.


The blue ribbon marketing process is a combination of varios elements that alone work well, but in combination create a path for an potential customer opt be captured and engaged all the way to your front door or phone.

It starts with a meeting to understand your goals and objectives.  Then creates a proposal that combines...


... Convertible Coupon
... Customer Rewards Programs
... Lead Magnets
... Unique landing pages
... Page Pop-ups
... Engagement Forms
... Email Auto Reply and
... Facebook Sponsored Ads
... Instagram Paid Ads
... Or Google Ads


Creating a unique and engaging customer experience. These programs typically run for 3 to 6 months and start at about $550 to $700 a month.

Request an appointment to learn more without any obligation.

Agora Perks Convertible Coupon deals are digital coupon deals that convert based on the habits of your consumer.

First, they attract potential new customers with a discount.

Second, they retain customers and keep them consuming by converting into a Stamp Reward or Perk Rewards Program.

These programs start at $179 a month and discounts are available for 6 and 12 month programs.


Awarding or Earning Points:  Works just like the old school punch cards your parents used when they were kids.  Where each time they bought an item the clerk would "stamp" a mark on a stamp card.  When they had enough stamp marks they could get a free something. 

Well today it's pretty much the same concept except its 2020 and the stamp card is digital point on the users smartphone.

Points are rewarded for purchases of a specific amount for one specific reward. 

Examples:  Dine 5 times minimum purchase $15 and the 6th is free in the mount of $15 dollars.

Change oil at regular prices 5 times and the 6th oil change is free.

Redeeming Points: Once enough are accumulated they are presented for the reward.  Our online system track all points.  No need to rent equipment or register customer credit cards.

PERKS REWARDS work pretty much in the same manner as Stamp rewards programs above but instead of one reward customer gets to choose from a variety of awards.

Points are rewarded for purchases but the prizes require different values of points to redeem.   The better the reward the more points ar required.

These are really fun to setup as competition and create varios games based on consumption.   The more the customers consume the more points and hence the greater the rewards.

Traditional Digital coupons are the coupons we all know.  Where a business or manufacturer creates coupons that can be used to attract consumers to visit and purchase at the place of business. 

Digital coupons are just like the paper coupons you can find in the newspaper or print from the Internet, except there’s no clipping or paper involved.

Made very popular by GROUPON in recent years.  The major difference is we do not charge a commission.  Just on flat low rate for ad duration.

Prices start at $139 a month, whether 50 or 5,000 coupons are used.

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