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Upcoming Birthday Campaigns

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Attract New Customers whose birthdays are coming up in your area.

EXAMPLE:  Assume to Bring in 100 new customers next month to dine with friends and family to increase a local restaurants business traffic.


  1. Local family owned owned restaurant
  2. Trying to attract customers after a long pandemic forced closure. 
  3. Women age: 24 – 50
  4. Birthday is in January
  5. Shopped previously for “Dining Out Deals”
  6. Not a Vega or Vegetarian
  7. Ad spend $20 per day for 30 days

Step 1: 

Create a Birthday Gift Certificate of $25 (Example). 

Alternatively you could also offer a menu item instead.  An item to peek interest, maybe an dessert or entrée’ to the potential new customer; or a unique offer, for example, two dinner for the price of one.

Step 2:  

Identify Specific Target Audience

Using Facebook Business, Search and identify local upcoming birthdays in the 10 mile immediate area to the restaurant and create a Bid offer through Facebook for an Instagram Ad.  The goal here is to get a specific your marketing persona as possible.  The more clearly defined the better your results.

Solicit from Facebook a Detailed Targeting Campaign

Identify Specific Target Audience

BID on Estimated Results

Step 3:

Select Ad Placement and Run Campaign

Ad Placement:

Place The Certificate Offer on the Instagram Feed of active consumers who meet the behaviors desired.  Run the sponsored Ad in Instagram and/or Facebook (Mobile or Desktop, Messenger or Feed) with a call to action to “Claim Offer” on the account feeds of the targeted marketing persona whose birthdays are coming up next month.

CPC Average: $1.50 to $4.00 (Depending on Facebook Bid Processing)

Statistically, once they (the targeted consumer) has seen the Ad an average of 3 times they react by clicking through to the offer.

Step 4: 

Customers Attention is Re-directed to Landing Page

  1. Form to complete to access and download Gift Certificate.  (Or any alternate offer)
  2. Images and Videos from your business.  (content sharing)
  3. Welcome Message.
  4. Customer Reviews
  5. Link to you online checkout
  6. Links to your Social Media
  7. Links to Share page on private social media

Customer may encounter a number of things to increase engagement on the unique landing page we will create for your business.  The main objective however is to capture the customer by obtaining the customers Name, Email and Mobile Phone Number.  Each landing page is custom designed, items may include:

Step 5: 

Customer receives Gift Certificate in their personal email account!

Customer come to your business (in this scenario a restaurant) to celebrate birthday with friends and family and consume.

  1. Email instructs Customer to contact the restaurant and make reservations’ to celebrate birthday with friends and relatives.
  2. Customer can print or screen shot to the certificate to present the restaurant.
  3. (Optional) Customer Rewards Programs may be included to increases repeat dining experiences with restaurant.

Customer are encouraged to come to restaurant and enjoy birthday dinner celebration.  Business will receive, name, email and mobile number to reach out to customer and remind them to come celebrate the birthday.  This portion relies on the business efforts but for an additional service charge we can make that contact effort for you.

(Optional)  If business has the optional rewards program the customer is automatically added in the program and can receive 1 reward point for consumption.  The idea here is to offer a rewards for additional consumption (dining) opportunities.

Step 6: 

You Decide Which Program & Cost Best Suits Your Needs:

All Good Things End – This Offer expires in …


Marketing campaigns like this  are accomplished with lots of coordination between several people and services.  Pricing local digital marketing agencies for a 30 day program like this will cost between $2,000 to $3,500 and higher (depending how much is used for social media paid advertising).

Agora Perks prices are highly competitive and far below the competition because we manage greatly our overhead and pass the savings on to you.  See the current pricing offer below.

If you give us 15 minutes to learn about your business, your goals and  challenges, we can custom design a plan just for you, with no charge or obligation.  This way you can determine if this is right for you. 

Your proposal will include full details and pricing specifically for your objectives.   Contact us or schedule an online meeting now for your free proposal!

30 Day New Customer Program

30 Day Customer Funnel
$ 750 30 Day Blue Ribbon
  • 50% Discount (Save $750)
  • $300/30 Facebook Ad Spend
  • 90 days on Agora Perks Platform
  • (Bonus) 90-Days Rewards Program
  • Bi-Weekly Analytics Report
  • Weekly New Customer List
  • (Optional) Online Scheduling

90 Day New Customer Program

90 Day Customer Funnel
$ 1,800 120 Day Blue Ribbon
  • 60% Discount (Save $2,700)
  • $800 /120 Facebook Ad Spend
  • 160 days on Agora Perks Platform
  • (Bonus) 160-Days Rewards Program
  • Bi-Weekly Analytics Report
  • Weekly New Customer List
  • (Optional) online Scheduling
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