Gift Certificate Programs

A Gift Certificate program is a system in which a customer purchases a voucher which may given as a present (or used by oneself) that is exchangeable for a specified cash value of goods or services from a particular place of business.  It greatly benefits a small business because:

Gift Certificate Programs

How Does it Work?

Gift Certificates 

Benefits of a Gift Certificate Program!

Gift Certificate Programs (or voucher programs) are highly effective marketing tools.  Among some of the benefits are that they:

  1. Increase brand awareness. With a well designed Gift Certificate that shows your brand image and clean appearance it is a great marketing strategy that will help advertise your service and your brand will reach people that might otherwise not have known about your services.
  2. Generates Immediate Cash. Promoting continuously your business can sell to customer 24/7 – 365 days a year.  Giving a cash boost during the holiday season. For example, during Christmas time you will certainly notice a peak in sales.
  3. 100% of Sales Revenue is yours to keep.  Agora Perks charges zero commission.
  4. Gift certificates expire. 1 billions go by every year in unused gift card and gift certificate according to Market Watch.  Many people let there vouchers expire – that’s found revenue for you.
  5. Gift Certificates enable you to reach consumers that you typically would not reach, representing a means of stimulating additional purchases.

What Businesses uses them them, successfully?

Small business owners that specialize in service industries, food and drink industries and retail are among the types of business that regularly and successfully use Gift Certificates to increase brand awareness.

CG - Time - Flash
CG - increments
Gc Package


Types Of Gift Certificate Programs

Types of Gift Certificate Programs

Gift Certificates are a great way to sell your product or services and grow your business.

There are three types of gift certificate programs:

  1. The  Digital Gift Card and Certificate industry are expected to hit $698 Billion in sales.  All major retailers have some form of gift program but few small business owners report having one.  
  2. Gift Certificates are one of today’s “Word of Mouth” referral sources most common and easy to use.  If your existing customer is happy with your service or product, chances are they have a loved they would like to share with.  And giving a “gift” is such an easy thing to do to show appreciation and gratitude towards loved ones.

Flash Sale

Gift Certificate – Flash Sale

Flash Sale Gift Discounts

Promotes one product or service to drive traffic to your business.

Shows the regular price, discount offered and flash sale price.

Includes an expiration date and time clocks to create a sense of urgency.  

Creating a Flash Sale Gift Discount Program is easy, following this simple steps below:

Dollar Increment

Specific Dollar Amount Gift

Gift Card Certificates in amounts from $25 to $500 can be purchased and gifted.  Creating a Specific Dollar Amount Gift is easy, following  simple steps below.

Packaged Services

Packaged services and products

Group together your products and/or services to create unique offers to the customers.  Sell Gift certificates like a Spa day special with (massage, facial and manicure as example)

How to Set-Up Gift Certificate Programs

How to Set Up A Gift Certificate Program

We do not take a commission from your sale as some companies do by charging you up to 60% commission on “selling coupons”.  In fact with Agora Perks the monies paid for the purchase of Gift Certificates by a customer go directly to the your bank.

How do we deposit monies directly into your account?

We do this by making sure all payment received  go from the payment clearing house “The Gift Cafe” and payment processing service of either “**Stripe” or “**Square” directly to your bank.

There are 4 very important steps to follow, in correctly setting up a Gift Certificate Program and making sure you are the one receiving the money.

STEP 1: Complete and submit the “Create A Coupon” 

STEP 2: Create a Merchant Account a “The Gift Cafe” 

STEP 3Link up Square or Stripe to 

STEP 4: Embed the Gift Certificate Codes and Links to begin PROMOTING your new Gift Certificate Program.

Step 1 – Complete the “Create Deal Form”

STEP 1: Complete and submit the “Create A Coupon” questionnaire by clicking the button below.  We design and create your promotion for you and send it to you for approval.  Once approved we publish it and bill you accordingly.

Step 2: Setting Up Merchant Accounts (Gift Cafe & Stripe)

Step 1.a:  You go to the GIFT CARD CAFE.   (click link or the image below to go to site.)

Step 1.b:  Once there you want to create a New Merchant Account.  Select the button on the bottom of the page.   

Step 1.c:  Choose the Merchant Processing (Stripe or Square) Account that you desire.  We recommend plan #2 with Stripe as this is the least cost to start your program and the most widely accepted.  You can always switch between plans by logging in to you account later.

Step 1.d:  Register Your Business and Link your Stripe or Square Account.  Complete Steps 2 and 3 on the registration.  You will be asked for Bank Information, Business Tax ID (Last 4 social if sole proprietor) and other related information for verification ans security.

** Contact us if you need help.  786-343-1821  or

Once your done.  Enter all information.  The process is almost immediate and you will see a welcome new merchant message.

Log out…. 

Step 3: Setting Up You Dashboard

If you are working with an Agora Representative we can configure this accounts Dashboard for you and create your linkable shopping cart.  However if you want to do it yourself just follow these steps.

Step 2.a  Log back in by going to and clicking on merchant login with your newly created user name and password.

Step 2.b: Make sure all 5 steps are checked and competed if you are doing this on your own.  Our tech support team can or Agora Perks Representative can do this for you if you like.

Step 2.c: Configure your actual Deal Offers

Log in with your credentials and setup the actual coupon.