Covid affected Small Business Help


What exactly is the offer?

We are offering your the actual cost of advertising your business on Agora Perks platform for one year (a $1,397 value) and participate in a year long marketing and promotions campaign to attract new customers to you.   Why?  Because times like this is the right thing to do.

This includes..

      1. One fully digitized and shareable convertible coupon deal.
      2. Free Advertising space on the Agora Perks platform (a $1,397 value)
      3. No Commission on any sales generated from coupon offer.
      4. No Binding contract – cancel anytime.

        Sample Convertible Coupons 

CLAIM This Deal in 3 steps…

Step 1:  Request a demo, submit completed form:  Covid-19 Offer Application” found below.
Step 2:  Within 24 hours your Ad will be published “LIVE” for your  exploration, approval or edits.
Step 3:   Your $169 setup fee is paid, once paid you will be published for one year and you will begin a marketing campaign with    See Marketing Campaign Details!

FREE ADVERTISING for one year!   

Why?  Simple, to help stimulate the local economy after the devastating effects of covid19.  is a zero commission advertising platform, specializing in convertible digital deals and reward programs design to attract and retain customers. 

We can help up to 600 local Small Businesses or self employed entrepreneurs by attracting New Customers and increasing sales.  Act quickly as this is a Limited Time Offer!

Coupon Features

Clear pricing so consumers can instantly guage the value of your offer and egage yor business.  No pre-sale of coupons (like Groupon).

We do not sell coupon, therefore we do not charge a commission like Groupon.  That's a typical savings of 60%.

Our coupons automatically convert to a rewards program by simple registering the customer with an email.

Then every time customer buys from you at regular prices they earn points.

Earn enough points they earn rewards for being valuable loyal customers.

No additional charge, feature is built into our coupons.

As our interest is to attract customer to you we know that the more times your deal offer gets seen the more your sales will potentially increase, therefore;  our deals are digitaized so that it may be shared easily on:

  • Social Media
  • Apps like WhatsAPP & Messenger
  • Email
  • SMS phone texting
  • Printed displays and
  • Mobile phones

We teach you how.

Our interest is bringing customers to, so whether you have an online scheduling service we can link to or we create one for you, customers schedule their own appointments based on your availability. 

FREE - The basic scheduling service is included in this offer.

Pro Scheduling Service:  Is available but at an additional cost of $48 setup and $15 autopay a month to acuity.  Pro Scheduling includes:

  1. Integration with your existing calendar on Gmail, Outlook or any other mail service.
  2. Customer Deposit with any Credit or Debit card.  With this feature you can secure a payment from the customer prior to appointment in case of a "no-show".


that we can link to or we can setup a free online calendar for you

Optional Feature. 

You can convert your offer into a Gift Certificate that can be used by customer or be given as a gift to a friend or family.

The idea is to increase sales, especially in times of holidays.

100% of gift certificate purchase (less merchant processing) is yours.  Agora Perks never charges a commission.

This feature is has a setup cost of $58 and once setup you can create as many gift certificate offers as you wish.

Parts Of The Coupon

Covid19 - Sales - Recovery - Application

Agora Perks is please to help you recover some of the losses you have suffered during this pandemic.  Below is the short questionnaire to start you coupon design and begin attracting new customers.  In a day or so you will get the Ad copy for your approval.   Download Manual Form formulario en Español .

Once submitted you will be directed to the check out page to pay the $169 set-up fee.  We look forward to working with you and wish you and your family the best of health during this pandemic.

Application for Covid-19 Free Advertising 

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