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Attention South Florida Small Business Owners we know you’re going through a rough time with covid19 – We want to help you recover and move forward.

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Limited time offer first 600 South Florida Business Owners Only.  

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Most Frequently Asked Questions…

Here a side by side comparison & TOP 5 reasons we ARE BETTER!

Below the top most solicited services by local Small Business Owners and Self Employed Entrepreneurs from an ideal advertising platform.

 We do NOT charge Commission 
 We don’t sell coupons. All Deals are Free.
 We help you promote your deal for you. 
 No binding long-term contracts – cancel anytime if you don’t want more new customers.
 Dashboard Analytics answers how well your deal is doing.
♥ Our Coupons are convertible (See page bottom)

Besides pricing that none can beat and being the only ones to offer a convertible coupon, our deals have more to offer.

Agora Perks deals are SEO, ADA and SHARING compliant.  This means, you can share your deal (your coupon) FREE via..

    • > Social Media, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter etc,
    • > You can share it via Email
    • > Website Page
    • > Mobile Messaging, SMS, Text and much more.

You have full power and training to create thousands of dollars in free advertising just by sharing your deal and the coupon deal always brings the customer back to you.  No middle man charging commission.

Simple, we are on a mission to change how digital coupons are used to attract customers! 

Companies like Groupon sell you deal (your offer to attract customers) and then keep average 60% of you money. 

We are going to change that!

Our current goal is to fill the Agora Perks advertising platform with  

  • > 600 to 1,000 local new deals to be offered to local consumers in South Florida.
  • > Grow current subscribers (local shoppers) from the current 15,000 to over 150,000 by year end 2020.

This means a great opportunity for the first 600 small business owners and entrepreneurs that sign up.  

This is a promotion to build the Agora Perks brand.  We are offering you FREE advertisement for  your business on the Agora Perks Platform, this deal includes…

  • One digital coupon (we recommend convertible coupon) with your brand.
  • **One year (or 6 six months) FREE advertising on Agora Perks to thousands of local consumers.
  • Showcased in ongoing promotions and advertisements throughout the year.

 A huge potential for business growth for all a Small Business or Self Employed Entrepreneur.

Compare option A and B (A is recommended)

**You must pay your AD COPY, setup fee of $180.  (Includes design, creating and digitizing Ad for web and mobile applications.)

We Recommend option A for one full year.

We market, promote and advertise your offer to attract new customers in the form of a digital deal in several different ways throughout the year.  All with in main objective…


We promote in 17 different ways divided into 3 major groups.

Please take a few moments to review them and then follow the 9 Steps to Coupon Deal Success. .

  1. Physical displays to attract passerby commercial traffic.
  2. Virtual advertisement including mobile Push Notifications, SMS texting, Email Marketing, Proximity Marketing to attract online search engines and virtual shoppers.
  3. Social Media both paid and organic engagements to increase awareness drive new customer traffic to you.

Plus we provide ongoing training and updates on new and innovative ways to promote your deal for FREE and maximize your potential for new customers.

9 Chapters of Marketing Strategies to Guarantee your coupons success in driving traffic to  you.


Here is the legal stuff…

  • Only one coupon deal per business location
    • Additional coupon deals available at regular cost.
  • Not transferable 
  • Business must pay their own setup fee
    • Includes art & design of ad copy and digitalization ($180)
  • Limited to the South Florida Tri-County area
  • Cannot be redeemed for cash equivalent.
  • Regular rates of $99 a month apply after promotional period.


Convertible Coupon? Are digital advertising coupons that come in two parts, first they attract new customers and then convert them to a loyal customers for your business.

 They work in two parts…

Part 1Attract new customers with a discount offer, with the big difference that customers do not buy coupons because they are free. And you pay no commission.
Part 2: Retain loyal customers through a gratitude program for loyal customers. The customers accumulate points with each purchase and then redeems them for rewards.

As a part of the marketing strategy we promote deals on PAID social media channels like Instagram and FaceBook.  

**As part of your setup fee you get a small PAID ad in Instagram.  (a value of up to $80)  

You have the option at any time to promote yourself on these social media channels using your Agora Perks Coupon.  If you wish we can do it for you.

Additional Instagram (sponsored) Ads can be purchased as shown in the graph below.  If you elect this option you will be billed separately for your order.  This is completely optional.

Step 1: Review this offer in the next tab and decide on which option is best for you.  We recommend Option A.

Option A:  Complete a Survey and get **1 YEAR FREE advertising.
Option B: Skip the survey and get **SIX Months FREE advertising.

Step 2: Once decided, complete the CREATE DEAL ORDER FROM.

Step 3: In a few days you will receive your Ad Copy ready for your final approval before publishing.  Approve your final Ad Copy & Pay setup fee. 

Step 4: Promoting Your Deal begins once published.  This is a year long campaign and we ask that you stay involved and post window cling, flyer and particiapte in social media engagment by going to our site and “like” and “follow” so you can share your deal when it appears.  n.

**Restrictions Apply see detail on the next tab.

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